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Imagine hearing, perhaps for the first time, the most revealing and amazing news that many never thought possible!

Welcome to MessageWeek
Media Ministries

Over 540 short gospel videos.
30+ years film making.
Timeless message of hope. 

500 Gospel Films

Produced over 19 years

During the past 20 years, MessageWeek Media Ministries has produced some 540 short gospel films. All, in some way, are about the most influential person in history: Jesus!

Return Promise

Greatest event yet to happen!

The return of Jesus Christ portends the most momentous events we could ever imagine. At a time of heightened drama and distress, when faith is at its lowest, Jesus Christ returns!

Resurrection Hope

Reckoning for the good and the bad!

The resurrection of all people isn't a new idea. It's a forgotten truth, and it's not the sort of promise you can easily ignore. Either you die and remain as dust forever, or you awaken sometime in the future to finally see Jesus.

Ultimate Rest

A gift for tired 21st century people.

Are you addicted to busyness and distraction? The weekly Sabbath rest reminds us of creation and points us to redemption. In Christ we have true Rest. Accept His sweet invitation into true rest, now and eternally.

Three themes of "Return, Resurrection and Rest" pervade all our gospel films. We hope you find something here worth celebrating.

More than that, however, thought-provoking, perhaps soul-searching, even confronting as we discover what Jesus says. Coming to Him is like that!