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"A visual culture demands a visual gospel."

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We are a not-for-profit, free community media streaming ministry, utilising video to share the best news we could ever hear!

For over two decades, we have invested significant time, resources as well as finances into making the gospel message more accessible for today's generation.

Not much bigger than a postage stamp, our first few gospel films were streamed in 1997 in dialup formats. Thus, long before video streaming became popular, our gospel work pioneered hundreds of short videos with this new kind of media. 

It's said that, "A visual culture demands a visual gospel." It's certainly seems true,  given the role that television and film play in shaping the moral compasses of our society.

Our mission has always been to as-simply-as-possible authentically share the good news of Jesus Christ. Make it yours as well.

We hope ministry is also a blessing to you.

Your support and partnership is deeply appreciated. 

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One word of encouragement to one person at a time is how Christ's Kingdom is being enlarged.