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News and Updates

What's happening at Messageweek Media Ministries?

Spanish edition printed

Sept 6, 2019 This week we took delivery of the first printing of "La Esperanza en la Resurreccion" - Hope of the Resurrection translated into Spanish. Many thanks to Oscar Cervantes and Marcos Gonzales to for their dedicated translation work. Many thanks to all who graced us with their support enabling this latest printing. Thank you!

Filming in BRAW

July 29, 2019 We are improving the content and quality of our film work, both in live-streaming and for studio work. We're currently uploading another studio re-recording of a sermon message shared last Sabbath. The service was live-streamed, and as usual we filmed the sermon in ProRes 422 quality for later editing and uploading. This week, however, we took a different tack by filming it in studio in a proprietary RAW format with our two BMD cinema cameras, and while the results are far from perfect, the quality is certainly an improvement over our previous DSLR-quality media. We're also pushing the boundaries beyond the normally more politely nuanced messages by taking note of Isaiah's commission as the Lord gave him for a people not dissimilar to ours. (Isaiah 58:1)

Fifth Edition "Resurrection HOPE"

July 15, 2019 Last week we took delivery of the fifth edition of "Resurrection HOPE" (previously titled Hope of the Resurrection). This latest printing marks a significant milestone in our work of sharing the gospel in Jesus Christ - and of the glory that awaits those willing to embrace it. Since the fourth edition printing, we've been working on both the Spanish edition as well as improving the original English version. Is the book now finally complete? Well, that's an interesting question. The first writing began back in 2007, with the first edition published in 2010. Since then, it's been a growing experience, gradually adding new chapters, commissioning a professional proof reader, and further developing the various resurrection themes as described in the Holy Bible.

Resurrection HOPE

If you'd like a free copy, you may either download a PDF copy, or request a hard copy to be sent to you. While the book is completely free, short print runs do cost more per book, so any donation is always appreciated. We hope you are blessed in embracing the best news we could ever hear in Christ Jesus.

Cyber disruption

July 4, 2019 We've been dealing with some severe latency at our media streaming infrastructure. On further investigation we discovered that the faceless, nameless, invisible cyber crime world was hard at work with code injection, DoS and backdoor attacks. We apologise for this intermittent degradation in our services. New security measures are now in place that may assist with this. Tracing the IP addresses have led us to Canada, USA and China as being among the culprits. We apologise if you have been inconvenienced. Your prevailing prayers for protection from the malevolent unseen world, physical or spiritual, are appreciated.

Filming in Sydney

Filming in Sydney

June 16, 2019 We've just spent a successful weekend in Sydney, taking the opportunity to film at three locations on the Sydney harbour foreshore. The weather was perfect, the script we hope thought provoking, with good lighting. However, the one disconcerting element we had to contend with was the harbour background noise.

Aircraft, boats, traffic, trains and a general cacophony that will probably be difficult to edit out. On one of our shoots, a little boy in a spiderman suit gleefully ran unwittingly in front of the camera. 

We also filmed the sermon message shared at the first Church of God (Seventh Day) Sabbath service in Sydney. The new BMD 4k cinema camera worked very well, with its only criticism being its default battery life for on-location film work.

Keep an eye out for more new, upcoming gospel videos, as well as regular live-streaming of Sabbath services.

We've also recently taken delivery of a BMD WebPresenter, enabling better quality video livestreaming. Over the past few months, we've been livestreaming Sabbath worship services from Mundaring in Western Australia, and even though we've been using a low quality Samsung tablet, we've had several hundred people login each Sabbath, with many more during the following week. General feedback has been quite positive.

So, with some experimentation and a desire to improve the quality of our services, we'll continue livestreaming via Facebook and YouTube, in faith, that just one more person is encouraged and strengthened in Christ.

User feedback from live streaminghas been helpful, whether it's regarding audio quality, comments about pre-service chitchat, or appreciative about the content itself.

So join us on a Saturday morning at 10:30am Western Australia time. (At the moment, please choose the Facebook Livestreaming option, as the Youtube option is still being developed).

New Cinema Camera

May 2019 We are currently refurbishing our film studio in Western Australia, adding another cinema camera, as well as working on better lighting. By God's grace and providence, we've just uploaded our 631st gospel video.

The cameras we've been using in our more recent films has been the Canon EOS 80D, the BMD Cinema Camera 2.5k, and we now have a new BMD Pocket Cinema Camera 4K on order. This will allow us to film each clip from multiple angles. Over the past two decades, we've used a variety of cameras, including some old VHS cameras, various prosumer video cameras including Canon and Sony, as well as a range of DSLRs. But, whether originally written on parchment, printed in ink, or conveyed by digital film, it's the same timeless message that centres on Jesus Christ.

We're all aware of the role that media plays in our lives. With the continual roll-out of better and faster connectivity throughout the world, and noting the windows of opportunity that still exist in the "free world", whether written on parchment or conveyed in bytes and bits, the follower of Christ has a commission and mandate to share the good news everywhere - to the ends of the earth.

We invite you to partner with us in this labour. Please pray that the LORD of the harvest would call and commission many more disciples, who with fervent vision and Christ-centred identity, embrace with diligence the work of supporting this and other ministries. We need capable media producers, presenters, researchers and those skilled in apologetics who can speak into this generation's greatest need. We need those who are prepared to sacrifice in the name of Jesus so that one more person may hear the good news. More than that, Jesus wants you to step up into his vision.

Someone once asked me, "Why all this effort into sharing the gospel?" I suppose it's a fair question, given declining church attendances throughout the Christian community amidst the rise of secularism. How would you answer? Perhaps mine would be: "Taste and see that the LORD is good!"