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Gospel videos 2020

Hundreds of gospel videos produced over two decades, each with first fentury faith and vision, and based entirely on what Jesus tells us today.

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Commandments of God

Do the Ten Commandments that played a primary role in the old covenant under Moses remain undivided and undiminished in its capacity to communicate the will of God for those who are now believers in and followers of Christ under the new covenant?
31 min. #685

Messageweek Media Ministries

Sweet Lies

Would you prefer to be told a sweet lie or a confronting truth?

7 min. #684

Messageweek Media Ministries

The Lord's Supper

On the night of His betrayal, in the season it was instituted, we celebrate, commemorate and proclaim our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, remembering His death, burial and resurrection until He returns. 33 min. #683

Messageweek Media Ministries

Commandments of God & the Testimony of Jesus

Finding Christ-centred balance in remaining true to the faith once delivered. 3 min. #682

Messageweek Media Ministries


Baptism outwardly affirms and expresses faith in Christ as both Lord and Saviour. 24 min. #681

Messageweek Media Ministries

Worship Together

Come, join the celebration. Let's worship together, because Jesus is LORD and King. And, He's coming again. 5 min. #680

Messageweek Media Ministries

The Church

Exploring the doctrine of "The Church", and despite its faults, just how essential the church is in experiencing Jesus. 31 min. #679

Messageweek Media Ministries

Dedication of the Children

Share in this special moment of dedication, with prayer and a song of blessing, based on Jesus' words, "Let the little children come to Me". 6 min. #678

Messageweek Media Ministries

Christ Centred Seminar

Pastor John Klassek explores the pillar and cornerstone of Christian faith in a seminar shared at Common Faith Network, Fort Walton, Florida, USA. 33 min. #677

Messageweek Media Ministries

Man, Salvation & Life

The doctrine of salvation is at the heart of the Biblical narrative, and expressed in numerous ways throughout the gospels and epistles. But what do we need to be saved from? The answer to this is astoundingly simple as it is amazing. 24 min. #676

Messageweek Media Ministries

with Elber Galeas

Share Elber's experience growing up in El Salvador during the civil war, and now in the United States, as interviewed by John Klassek. 11 min. #675

Messageweek Media Ministries

United in Fellowship

To be united in Christ is to be united in fellowship. Sermon shared by Pastor John Klassek at the Australian General Conference 2020 in Adelaide, SA. 39 min. #674

Messageweek Media Ministries

Committed to Discipleship

Sermon shared by Pastor David Kidd during the Australian General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) January 2020 . 40 min. #673

Messageweek Media Ministries

Human Nature

Petty, cantankerous, self-centred and difficult. An apt description of someone else? What is human nature? Where does it come from? And, what is the end result of a life lived as such?
31 min. #672

Messageweek Media Ministries

Jesus in New Orleans

Does celebrating Jesus' birth on a pagan-assigned date meet the scrutiny and precedent of Scripture? 5 min. #671

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